The plastic in our oceans are killing many marine animals. Sea turtles mistake plastic bags in the ocean for jellyfish and when consumed, it can be very lethal. Many fish and other sea creatures get entangled in nets. This causes them to starve and get injured badly to the point where they can't move. I suggest we start using canvas bags instead of plastic grocery bags. What do you think we should do?

TJ Tonner
8/17/2012 01:50:53 am


8/17/2012 01:51:46 am

Fascinating subject you should bring up, did you know that there is far more bits of plastic per square foot of ocean than plankton in some areas now. This is a very vast issue, which will take more than just stop dumping. A part of this is that we shall have to start changing the way things and products are created and reducing the footprint on the environment.

4/19/2013 05:22:41 am

We should learn to pick up our trash when we go to the beach so it doesn't get washed into the water and potentially kill an animal.

4/19/2013 06:15:06 am

Interesting facts Shreya. I never knew that

Rhea sodem
4/19/2013 07:59:13 am

Love it....!!!!!


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